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Matsuo Hamono Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and sales company of kitchen knives specializing in high-quality cooking knives.
We sale mainly for home and business use of Japanese knives.
“Registered trademark MINAMOTO IZUMIMASAⓇ” is the original brand of Matsuo Hamono.

Matsuo Hamono Information

Company name Matsuo Hamono Co., Ltd.

Main office 1-39-1, Mozuakahatacho, Sakai Shi Kita Ku, Osaka Fu, 591-8037, Japan
TEL 072-259-9221(Don't call please. because we can't speak English very well.)
E-mail izumimasa@matsuohamono.com

Factory 1-3-11, Kitakoyocho, Sakai Shi Sakai Ku, Osaka Fu, 590-0071, Japan
TEL 072-232-2770(Don't call please. because we can't speak English very well.)
E-mail matsuohamono@hb.tp1.jp

CEO Yasuhiro Matsuo CTO Yoshiaki Matsuo

Strong Point


Thank you for always patronizing our products.
As you know, “sakai knives” is very famous nationwide as “the home of the Japanese knives”.
However, most of them are not manufactured in-house and rely on purchasing and subcontracting.
Our company has its own factory, has technology inherited from ancestors for generations,
and our craftsmen are making them one by one by hand.

IZUMIMASA's strength is the manufacturing technology that can excel in polishing technology and customize products.
Please feel free to contact us for shapes and steel that are not listed on the website.

E-mail izumimasa@matsuohamono.com

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